Graphic Design

Although a lesser sought out subject for me, I am fully capable of creating graphical pieces when required. Here are what few examples I have to show at present.

Updated: 11th September 2018

Transformers: Prime – Galvatron’s Revenge Tech Specs (Nov 2015-present)
These were requested of me at a point I wasn’t needed for Storyboarding. I was basically tasked with coming up with a modern take on the older Transformers toy technical specification sheets you’d get.

Very quickly, I saw a certain style that was obvious, but for Transformers Prime, I felt the tech specs on the boxes were weak, so I completely re-designed them to be more high tech and contemporary.

The renders I am given are on grey, so I need to cut out the character carefully. The other part of my job is working out their stats, and making a basic bio and quote for the director to look over and correct as needed.

All three designs are now in use. The final one for the Destructicons (the purple design) has customised bars as the characters involved are insanely powerful compared to the other factions, which were also implemented for the powerhouse combiner character revealed.

I also was asked to create one with multiple characters on (the Vehicons) as the Autobots use them a lot in the upcoming film, so I worked out a layout with the vehicon renders I was given. Originally, I thought of having 4 of them (2 jet and 2 car based vehicons), but the blue glow on them was hectic, one of them was too obscured due to the other’s wings, and the stats started to get obscured, so I dialled it back to only 3 (1 jet and 2 car vehicons).

Transformers: Prime – Galvatron’s Revenge Posters (Coming soon)
Another graphic piece I’ve worked on for TFPGR is a big 4-way connecting poster, but as it is unreleased and designed for the “coming soon” phase of production, I am unable to share that yet. It was also made using Photoshop.

I also gave much input and advice towards creation and refinement of our promotional poster released in April 2016. (pictured below)

TFPGR Movie Poster. Created by Carlos Barrantes, with creation and refinement tips from me (Such as the suggestion of the orange/blue gradient, addition of the moon, character placement etc), as well as texturing by Andrew Majewski, and overlooked by Jonathan Mason. April 2016.