Strangers Storyboards Mini-update

This was the least amount of update that occurred.

Strangers, as the name suggested, was always based off of a song of the same name. It was technically a musical piece, but the artistic flow of the storyboards didn’t make that entirely clear.

I had (since drawing it) come up with a new sequence for when the girl went onto the tree, and decided to fix it to reflect that change.

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The Divorce Ray! Storyboards

Now, if there was one thing my storyboards lacked before…it was comedy. It’s not that I can’t draw comedy, it’s more that I less often just don’t. I really enjoy a good comedy, but when you are forced to constantly come up with your own boards to show off your skills, it’s less than funny.

But this time I changed that. I have drawn up a scene from a parody I wrote but never produced a long while ago. And that is why I have dubbed this scene: The Divorce Ray!

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Life Drawing at home! Cool!

So yeah, there is a simple reason I stopped doing the coffee shop life drawing…the same people go. Yeah, it’s silly to say, but the times I go are very the same-ish. Even if it isn’t the same people, it’s the same type of people and poses. I also think people got used to “the creep drawing them from the corner” and became more nosy towards people drawing. New coffee shops come, and they are worse laid out so it’s pain stakingly obvious that you are drawing that guy across from you as you make awkward eye contact.

But tonight I tried a resource I was keeping to the side in case of this problem, let’s talk OnAirVideo’s Croquis Cafe!

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